Why we don't sell the Power One Aurora micro-inverter

Power One makes a 250W AC micro-inverter that allows use of the newer 72 cell 290w solar panels available at discount prices.  The fact that panels of this size are cheaper per watt seems to make them a good deal.  Also, being 290w we need less panels and therefore less racking should also save money as well as installation time.

When comparing a 5kw system using the current Enphase M215 micro-inverters and 250w panels to the Aurora 250 micro-inverters and 290w panels there is a 10% cost savings on the kit.

While we would like to carry these it doesn't currently make sense for the following reasons:

  1. The Aurora warranty is only 10yrs while the Enphase warranty is 25 yrs.  10% cost savings is not worth this reduced warranty.
  2. The Aurora system must be manually earth grounded which means extra copper wire and a lot of extra work for the installer.
  3. Aurora's monitor can't monitor as many panels as the Enphase monitor so you will need several and this complicates installation.
  4. Enphase has a long term history with micro-inverters and Power One does not.

So, we are currently sticking with the Enphase M215 and 250-260w panels.  When Enphase provides a new micro-inverter capable of using these new larger panels we will reconsider. (See our other article on why the Enphase M250 micro-inverter cannot use these new panels and is therefore useless)