Reading Your Electric Bill After Installing Solar

Below is a typical electric bill after installing a 10KW solar Kit in Pennsylvania.  Your bill may look different but should contain the same information.

Page 1

This shows the quantity of power used each month of the year vs last year.  In this case you can see the dramatic decrease in the bill to about 15% of what it originally was.  In this case the bill went down by about $140 a month.  This means a savings of $1680 a year.

Page 2

Page 2 gives you details about your bill.  The bill is composed of four items:

  1. Meter Charge (Red) - This is the charge for being connected to the grid and having a meter
  2. Distribution Charge(Green) - This is the charge for the local distribution of the electricity to your house 
  3. Transmission Charge(Blue) - This is the charge for long distance transmission of electricity to your house
  4. Generation Charge(Violet) - This is the charge for generating your electricity

Solar spins your meter backwards so items 2-4 above are all reduced when you generate your own electricity.