Using Enphase Enlighten to Monitor Your Panels

We highly recommend the purchase of the Enphase Envoy device to monitor your solar panels.  This device is plugged into your wall outlet and into your internet router.  It communicates with each micro-inverter and reports performance to Enphase's central servers.  This information can then be viewed from any web browser or smart phone for "near real-time" monitoring.

In addition, Enphase monitors the health of your panels and micro-inverters and immediately emails you if there is a problem detected.  If the problem is the inverter then they start the replacement process automatically so you have as little down-time as possible.

The above image shows the test systems installed in our videos plus some other test arrays we've built at Anapode.  The four panels on the  left are the new Conergy PH250 panels connected to Enphase M215s using a ground mount.  The upper right four panels are discontinued Siliken 250w panels connected to M215 micro-inverters on a shingle roof. The bottom two on the right are Astroenergy 225w panels connected to older M190 microinverters.

Click this link to view one of our test systems live performance:

Rescanning for Inverters

If you move the Envoy or add panels after plugging it in it needs to rediscover the inverters. 

  1. To do this Press and hold the Envoy menu button(on the right side of the Envoy). 
  2. Release the menu button when the LCD displays "Enable Device Scan".  This can take up to 8 hours to detect all inverters.