What's Not Included in Our Complete Kits

Our kits are complete but there are a few items that are not strictly solar but electrical that you will need to supply yourself.  Get these items at your local Home Depot or Lowes hardware store.

Here is a list of what else you need with the reason each is not included:

  • Home electrical panel double wide circuit breaker.  This is where the solar system is connected to your home electrical system.  We connot provide this because there are many different panel manufacturers so you need to get the correct one for your house.  Look at your existing panels box and breakers and write down what's written on them then have someone at the store help you select the right one.
  • Standard home wire from the solar array to the combiner, disconnect and home panel. You will need 4 strands of 12awg wire from the JBOX at the end of each AC Trunk Cable to the AC Combiner (If your system includes one).  Additionally, you will need 12 awg (or larger wire depending on your system size) from the AC Combiner to the Disconnect Switch and from there to your home electrical panel. We do not include this because we do not know the distance you will need and because this is available at a low price from Home Depot.
  • Conduit.  We do not know if you will need conduit, what type(plastic or metal) or how much.  This is cheap and easy to get at Home Depot. It would also be needlessly expensive to ship this to you.
  • Grounding Wire & Rod. Our micro-inverter systems have integrated grounds so no separate copper grounding wire or rods are needed.  However, some municipalities might still require this so we can provide the rack grounding lugs(upon request) but you will need to get the bare copper wire and rod(s) from Home Depot.  We don't provide these because they are heavy and easy to get locally and we don't know how much you would need.

Ground Mount Systems

  • Galvanized pipe.  If you purchase a ground mount system we provide all the solar fittings and mounting materials.  The actual rack is made using our fittings to assemble sections of standard galvanized pipe that you much buy at Home Depot.  This is chain-link fence type pipe.  We don't provide this because it is heavy and expensive to ship and easily to obtain locally.