Permit Materials

Here are the resources you need to apply for your permit:

Electrical Schematics / Wiring Diagram

Solar Panel/Module, Inverter, Racking Specification Sheets

Permit Preparation Service

We provide a permit prep option with every kit.  This service prepares technical documents for your installation but you will need to actually fill out your lcoal permit form and pay applicable government fees.  We provide engineered drawings but no cannot provide engineer stamps.

Sample of the technical document we provide 


Every municipality differs so you will want to discuss your towns requirements for installation.  

Your town may want you to add a secondary ground using bare copper.  This is actually unnecessary but simple with the grounding lugs on each micro-inverter.

Your town may want you to install a Cut-Off, Shut-Off or Isolation Switch.  We include this switch in every kit.

Your town may specify metal or plastic conduit from the JBOX to the Shut-Off switch or the AC Combiner or both.

Be sure to talk to your utility to determine if they have any special requirements.

Putting the appropriate effort into planning will insure an easier job that meets all code requirements.