Anapode Solar Kit Electrical Schematic

The link below takes you to a sample electrical schematic of the micro-inverter based systems we sell.  You can use these diagrams to both understand what is involved in the electrical installation as well as to prepare your permit applications for your local government or the electrical utility.

Usually these documents can be submitted as part of your permit application and will fulfill the requirements to show how you intend to install the solar system.  This shows 10 panels and included all required plus optional components such as the shut-off switch, electric meter and AC Combiner.  Your installation will probably be simpler.

The first page is the solar panels and the second page is the AC electrical components and connection to your house.  The large size of these images makes it easy to read as well as allowing you to duplicate the first page for each 10 panels of your installation:

Schematic Page 1

Schematic Page 2