Solar Calculator

Step 1: Your Electric Bill and Location

Grab your last couple electric bills and determine the average amount of electricity you use in an average month and what that costs. Choose the city nearest you so we know how much sunlight you get per day. Finally, side the Orientation slider to estimate the direction you will install your solar panels in relation to south.

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Step 2: Rebates and Bonuses

The federal government will provide a tax credit of 30% of your solar system cost. Your state, local government or your utility may offer additional incentives for each watt of solar power you install. Finally, some states provide SREC credits you can sell for a significant amount to help offset the cost of your system in the years ahead.

Step 3: Taxes

The income you receive for generating solar power instead of buying it is tax free. This is because you are not taxed on money you don't spend.