ULA Ground Mount Installation

The Unirac ULA Ground Mount system is installed in the ground with 2" galvanized poles cemented in.  This means that you will be building a structure instead of just mounting the solar array on a roof.  The holes are usually 12" diameter and 3' deep but Unirac will assist you in the correct sizing based on your wind and soil conditions.

Full information about the Unirac ULA Ground Mount is available at

Our kits provides everything needed except for 2" galavanized pipes needed for uprights and crossbraces.  We do not provide these pipes for three reasons

  1. We do not know the lengths you will need up uprights because your height requirement and the angle of the ground will dictate that.
  2. These pipes are available at Home Depot and Lowes at competative prices.  
  3. Shipping pipes is expensive and Home Depot already has them near you.

Detailed illustrations of the parts provided and design and assembly instructions

General Steps

  • Determine array location paying attention to align south and avoid shade between 10am-4pm.
  • Determine positions of uprights using the Unirac layout tool
  • Excavate holes for uprights. Unirac layout tool helps with this.  Holes usually 3' deep and 12" - 24" wide to allow for enough weight of cement to secure array. 
  • Cement uprights in holes
  • Assembe array structure
  • Mount micro-inverters
  • Mount panels
  • AC Connection


  • The ULA Ground Mount is designed to have four(4) panels in a landscape orientation in each column.
  • A column is 65" wide with 60 cell panels and 77" wide with 72 cell panels.
  • Each panel is 39" wide on the short side so four of them stacked totals 39*4 = 156" or 13'.  Since these are installed on an angle they take up less than 13' of ground space.  The angle is determined by your latitude.
  • We recommend the lowest point of the panels be at least 36" from the ground to prevent weeds or snow blocking the sun on the bottom of the panels.  If you have higher weeds or snow or want to mow under it easier then you might want to go higher.