A Passion for Solar

We founded Anapode Solar because we believe that solar is the only real way individuals can take control of their own energy; the sun shines on everyone.  We realized nobody was providing a serious residential solar solution for a do-it-yourselfer.  Something a handy homeowner or a general contractor could install easily, quickly, and safely.  Toward that end we provide turn-key plug & play solutions that are so simple that you and a friend can install it in a weekend using our detailed instructions.

Our Experience

In 2010 we started by installing a large 10kw "state of the art" solar system. It was hideously expensive, difficult, complex, and required months of research into topics such as, DC line resistance and high wind loading.  We realized there needed to be a better way. We searched, but nobody offered a solution.  We spent the next two years simplifying solar for the do-it-yourselfer. We have removed unnecessary steps and components, replaced DC with AC, and documented all the steps. We are now offering you the benefit of our work.

The Result

We have simplified the Solar Installation process to allow the Do-it-Yourself homeowner to install a Solar system. In response to our belief, Anapode has taken every effort to make our kits simple, safe, and cost-effective for the homeowner to install a high-performing solar system.

We believe now is the best time to install your own Solar System. Current government tax breaks, solar component price drops, and the ability to Do-It-Yourself, are key reasons to install a Solar System today. We also strive to teach, communicate, and demonstrate the installation process of our kits, and the environmental benefits and financial rewards of installing a Solar System.

Why Micro-inverters?

We sell kits that exclusively use micro-inverters rather than the old style "string inverters".  This is because micro-inverters simplify the previously complex process of designing and installing a solar pv system.

Why Choose Anapode?

Because we can help you.  You're here because you're interested in Solar. Since you're here and not calling a "Solar Installer", you've realized solar only makes sense when you keep the cost low, to assure a reasonable payback period.

Standard Components

We use only industry leading, state of the art components produced by the industry leading companies and carrying the best warranties. The best solar panels/modules, Enphase micro-inverters are the industry leader in micro inverters, Unirac is the best selling racking system with a 10 yr warranty.

Longest Warrenties

A solar installation should be maintenance free and last for decades if it is to be cost effective.  Enphase micro-inverters carry a 25 yr warranty and have a mean time before failure of 332 years!  Solar panels/modules carry a 25 yr linear power warranty.  Unirac is the industry leader in We only use industry leading, state of the art components produced by the leaders and carrying the best warranties. Siliken Panels are the highest rated by Photon Labs, Enphase micro-inverters are the industry leader in micro inverters, Unirac is the best selling racking system. 

Highest Standards

The Unirac SM-I 2.5 racking system we include in all kits is rated for 110mph winds which exceeds requirements in most areas.  If you need 150mpg rating, contact us and we'll include additional mounting feet that reduce the span lengths and achieve hurricane rating.  Additional feet cost a small amount more. 

Save Money

Our Anapode Solar kits allow you to save 50-60% of the cost of signing with a solar installer. Yes it's good for the environment, yes it reduces dependence of foreign unstable energy sources but the most compelling reason is that you will produce your own electricity cheaper than you can buy it.

Easy Installation 

We have made it possible for you to buy a complete kit and install it yourself. Or you can hire a contractor and electrician to install our kit at a fraction the price a “Solar Installer” would charge you for a complete system.

Save Time

You may have searched the internet to find the rock-bottom prices on solar panels, inverters, racking systems, and various other components necessary to build a solar system. You've probably found the search time-consuming, overwhelming and confusing. Stop that madness. We provide a complete system made up of the leading industry components, fully documented, with an extensive installation manual at the best price available.

Fully Compatible System

Ordering your solar system components from different vendors puts you in great risk of receiving expensive parts, which are not compatible or are difficult to install smoothly. If you happen to install these various parts, you still face the risk of your system performing poorly and possibly burning out expensive parts. Your utility may not allow you to connect your system to the grid if you cannot show that the correct components were installed and the correct procedures followed.

Complete Kits

Anapode Solar has taken out the risks by developing simple, safe, and cost-effective kits. We have done the time consuming research, testing, and cost cutting; to offer you a complete Do-it-Yourself solar kit.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Our kits come with easy-to-follow and complete step by step instructions. The instructions include everything you need to install the kit with pictures of the actual components being installed for the kit you have purchased.

Custom Tailored

If your needs are unique an Anapode system technician can tailor a system specifically for your needs. Once the system is configured, we will simulate your installed system’s performance, so you will know the energy output your final system will produce.

Why We Don't Sell Off-Grid Systems

If you are interested in an off-grid system or backup power system then this is propbably not the place for you.  Adding charge controllers and batteries to a solar system multiples the cost by three or four times and greatly increases the complexity of the system.  Also, an off-grid system is not homeowner installable because it is more complex.  We sell solar as a financially sound investment so doubling the cost and making it difficult to install yourself goes against our vision.