Everything You Know About Solar is (probably) Wrong

If you haven't looked into solar recently then you probably have a lot of misconceptions about it.

What it is

Solar PV is made up of those large purple glass panels you see popping up on roofs in the last couple years.  Their correct name is a solar module.  They use the Photoelectric Effect to convert sunlight directly into electricity.  Since they produce DC electricity, like a battery does, you need an inverter to convert it to household AC current that is compatible with your house.

Solar is only for people who live off-the-grid in remote locations

At one time this was mostly true.  Today people add solar modules to their house to cut their electric bill by generating some of all of their power from the sun.  In-fact, these Grid-Connected systems are about half the price of Off-Grid system because the electronics are simpler and there is no need for batteries.

Solar is Too Expensive

Putting solar panels on your house does have a large up-front cost.  However, it provides you with free electricity for 25+ years.  If you purchase a kit from us and install it yourself you will get 100% of your money back in 6-10 years.  This depends on what you currently pay for electricity and how sunny it is where you live (We have a Solar Calculator that can help you figure out how much solar you need).  After this, you still have maintenance free electricity for the next couple decades.  Solar is actually so cheap that you're wasting money if you don't install it.

Solar is too Complex

This was once true but with current AC modules using microinverters solar is as simple as plugging in a light. We provide complete kits with a detailed installation manual that will allow you and a friend to install your system in a weekend. 

I have more questions

We know you do.  This is a significant investment and you need to know both the technical and the financial facts.  Please call us at 888-220-8992 M-F from 8-6 EST and a human being will answer the phone and answer all your questions.