Mounting Options Explained

There are a number of ways to mount solar panels depending on your situation. For most situations we use the Sunmodo racking system.  This is solid, versitile, easy to use and offers a number of roof mounting options for multiple types of roofs.  The Sunmodo system is commercial grade and meets code requirements in all 50 states.

Shingle Roof

We use the Sunmodo flashed LFoot mounting system.  This system uses a a flashed seal to insure that your existing shingle roof will not leak when you install the solar mounting system. This is the default mounting solution provided with all Anapode Complete Solar Kits.

The L-Foot can be used alone of with a standoff for greater height above the roof.


Metal roof

For metal roofs that are 3' wide panels we have a simple and effective mounting foot.  The Sunmodo EZ Metal Roof Mount is recommended for this application.  This system uses a self sealing compression washer built into the mounting base.  With an L-Foot mounted on top the rest of the mounting system is the same.


Raised seam metal roof

We recommend the S-5 system that attaches directly to the raised seams and allows mounting of L-Feet rails without penetrating the roof.  Since there are a number of different raised seam roofing profiles you should contact us to include the correct ones for your type of roof.


Tile Roof

Tile Roofs are used extensively in California where half our kits are installed.  For this type of roof we use CREOTECC tile mounts under the tiles.  These provide a versitile mounting method that allows the Unirac SolarMount-I rails to be attached above the roof. 


Flat Roof

For residental and commercial flat roofs we recommend a ballasted, non-penetrating solution.  Unirac RM Roofmount ballasted racking is the best solution for this application. Unirac RM Web Site


Ground Mount

Unirac ULA Ground Mount is the best solution for ground mounted arrays of 3kw or larger.  Ths system uses galvanized pipes cemented in the ground and the rest of the system bolts to these uprights.  It's simple and fast and very strong.