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Anapode Solar Customer Reviews

  • Two kits
    12 Panel Kit 
      by Ryan S on 1/18/2019
    I bought a small 4 panel kit on May 2018 then another 8 panel kit in NOvember 2018.  I installed them together o... (read more)
  • Custom and unusual installation was easy
    12 Panel Kit 
      by John W. on 3/13/2018
    I've got a custom designed house and wanted to put my panels nearly flat on the overhang so they wouldn't sho... (read more)
  • Quick and easy
    24 Panel System 
      by John Browers on 3/13/2018
    This was so simple.  I didn't expect the experience to be as easy as it was.  Two days pretty easy work... (read more)
  • Extra bits and pieces for Kentucky system
    Unirac bits and pieces 
      by Paul on 3/6/2018
    So I stumbled over a bargain on Craigslist - panels and inverters for less than half the new price - so I contacted K... (read more)
  • Exceeds Expectations
    6.4 kW  
      by Chris Lowery on 12/27/2017
    I bought a 6.4 kW system from Anapode after a great deal of research and investigation.  I even got quotes direc... (read more)
  • 24 Panel 7.7kw system on Standing Seam metal roof
    24 Panel Kit 
      by Brett Danderson on 10/13/2017
    System is all installed and successfully inspected! Looks great! And thank you very much for helping make solar a ver... (read more)
  • Small starting system
    4 Panel Expansion 
      by Micajah McGarity on 8/25/2017
    Ordered a small 4 panel kit for to my shed. My father previously installed solar from Anapode. Install was qu... (read more)
  • Kit made it easy
    24 Panel 
      by Owen on 12/21/2016
    ust wanted to check in and let you know how the solar installation went. My plans were approved by Montgomer... (read more)
  • Above and beyond old fashioned customer service
    6.4kw 20 Canadian Solar/Enphase M250 
      by Scott W on 12/7/2016
    After probably 50 emails and half a dozen phone calls, only once did Ken express a bit of frustration. I'd say th... (read more)
  • Big 12.5 50 panels on Garage
    12.5 KW 
      by Richard Foster on 10/18/2016
    Quick and excellent large install. I use a lot of electricity because I heat my house with an electric ground source... (read more)
  • New 2016 custom home with 6kw roof mounted system
    6kw complete kit 
      by Scott Dobson on 8/22/2016
    Over the past two years my wife and I have had a custom home designed and built in Mattawan, MI.  We were extrem... (read more)
  • 8kw custom mounting, Enphase micro-inverters
    8kw Enphase 
      by Dondlinger on 3/22/2016
    My roof offered a complex mounting problem.  It forms a valley from all sides so there was no reasonable way to... (read more)
  • 5 kw install on mixed roof types
    5kw metal roof Enphase system 
      by Lepkowski on 3/22/2016
    We faced an install on multiple types of roofs where flashing would not work.  We decided to purchase the metal... (read more)
  • Contractor install of 5wk ground mount hybrid solar/backup power system for customer
    5kw Sunnyboy hybrid backup power system 
      by John V on 3/22/2016
    My customer purchased this system from Anapode then I installed it. We built a custom ground mount but then used... (read more)
  • Exhaustively detailed review
    4kw Kit & Envoy Monitor 
      by Mark Hutchens on 2/16/2016
    System- What I Got  I installed a 4kw system (16 solar panels) on my detached garage roof. Note: the garage... (read more)
  • 3 KW System in Southern California
    3KW System, Microinverters / Hyundai Panels 
      by Harry F on 11/21/2015
    We purchased a 12-panel microinverter kit from Anapode which we installed entirely on our own. Not having done any... (read more)
  • 48 Panel 12.48 Kw PV System in North Carolina
    12.48 Kw PV DIY Kit 
      by Carol Tinkel on 11/20/2015
    Our system was mounted on an existing garage metal roof.  As a precaution against future roof leaks, we replaced... (read more)
  • Ground mount for technical training school
    2kw with 3kw ground mount 
      by New castle school of trade on 10/16/2015
    Bought a ground mount kit from Anapde to train students. Installed 2kw of panels on a 3kw ground mount with room... (read more)
  • 3 KW Kit install
    3KW Kit 
      by Ron on 10/8/2015
    Materials provided are first class. The first thing learned was when to work on roof. Not too warm and not too co... (read more)
  • 5KW in Northern CA
      by Stephen Davis on 9/25/2015
    It’s been a year since I installed my 5KW system. It was a pleasure to work with Ken while going through the or... (read more)
  • What you're doing is really wonderful
    None Yet 
      by JP on 8/25/2015
    Hi Ken,   Thanks for check in on my process.  I've finally gotten around to doing my homework... (read more)
  • Solid Kit
    1KW Grid Tied Micro Inverter Kit 
      by Michael Johnson on 8/21/2015
    We're pretty happy with our experience working with Anapode Solar to help us install a DIY Micro Inverter Kit. &n... (read more)
  • Lifetime Dream
    5kw & Envoy monitor 
      by Fred Kaluza on 8/17/2015
    Ken, just to say thanks for everything. My system went "online" on July 31st. All city inspections passed... (read more)
  • Good DIY information and supplies for Home Solar
    6 kW system 
      by Christian D. on 4/6/2015
    Thank You Anapode Solar for your help in making my DIY Home solar project a success!! It did feel like I was a little... (read more)
  • 8.25 kW system on a barn roof in southern Illinois
    8kW kit + one 250w module and inverter 
      by Steve on 3/15/2015
    I would definitely recommend Ken's company if you are interested in pv.  I added a panel to the 8kW kit ( to... (read more)
  • Third solar kit
    2kw roof mount 
      by Ed Boochard on 12/10/2014
    Installed my third solar kit from Anapode Solar.  First two were ground mounts but this one was a roof mount. &n... (read more)
  • Permits are very time consuming
    2000 watt 
      by Joe on 10/16/2014
    It has been 8 months since I started this project and 5 months since I ordered. The permit process was way more time... (read more)
  • Awesome Process
    2KW + Envoy 
      by Jeff Heim on 9/29/2014
    I passed my electrical last Thursday and decided to stop waiting for BGE (paperwork is in, but haven't heard... (read more)
    1000 Watt 
      by Carl Anderson on 9/5/2014
    Extremely fast delivery, instructions are all understandable. Putting kit together was elementary. I installed m... (read more)
  • 82 Panel System in St. Louis
    82 Panel Kit 
      by Ralph on 7/21/2014
    I was able to get in on the Ameren rebate before it ran out of money in December 2013. This financed a large portion... (read more)
  • 5 kw system in Kentucky
    5 kw system 
      by Paul G on 4/21/2014
    Well, first off I'm glad I didn't order a bigger system, because 20 panels didn't leave much room on the... (read more)
  • happy happy
      by Ed on 4/19/2014
    Happy with service system was what i ordered . Shipping was very fast . I will add to my system next year this wi... (read more)
  • 2kw more
    2kwh add-on 
      by Greg Meshoppen Pa on 3/12/2014
    Just like facelifts you can not have to many panels. (read more)
  • Another kit @ Sweet Pig Farm
      by Alex & Andrea Bequette on 12/11/2013
    They worked with us!  Thanks again!  Great Price, great pakage, simple. I dont think they recomend... (read more)
  • Installation of 2kw system
    2000 kw 
      by Ivan on 8/28/2013
    Overall the kit is great for a first time installation of solar panels; it takes a lot of the guest work out. I did n... (read more)
  • 3kw solar kit at Sweet Pig Farm
    3kw kit 
      by Alex and Andrea Bequette on 8/19/2013
    In most parts of Missouir you can get a $2/watt DC rebate back from the electric company for solar installs up to $50... (read more)
  • 9kw system with enlighten
    9kw system with enlighten 
      by Kurt Vanderhoef on 8/16/2013
    The videos were very helpful and Ken was very responsive to all my last minute questions.  In Iowa there are ver... (read more)
  • Meshoppen Pa Install
    2KWH kit with Enlighten 
      by Greg on 8/6/2013
    Having no experience in install anything like this, I had a Great time installing my DIY solar kit. https://enlig... (read more)
  • Anapode Solar diy solar array
    2500watt solar pv system 
      by mark carson on 7/15/2013
    I had been researching solar pv systems for about six months here in Washington state. I wanted to purchase and insta... (read more)
  • Flawless Installation
    1kw kit with Enphase monitor 
      by John M... on 7/12/2013
    The install went flawlessly, partly due to my past experience in the field of state park maintenance. The one piece o... (read more)
  • Installed this system for a client in California
    7.5W Kit 
      by Yehuda Grabli (Expert Electric) on 7/12/2013
    I had special requirements for the installation that Anapode helped me meet.   Installation went well and wa... (read more)
  • A system for me and a system for my son
    Two 1kw systems then another two 
      by William H... on 7/12/2013
    I ordered two 1KW systems for myself and my son and then added 9 additional panels to them.  I am an experimente... (read more)
  • Smooth install in my custom layout
    2.5 kw kit with Envoy monitor 
      by Robert G… on 7/11/2013
    We purchased your 2.5 kilowatt system which had ten panels, but we only had room for nine, so we kept one as a spare.... (read more)
  • Videos Gave Me Confidence
    4kw kit 
      by Erich F.... on 7/10/2013
    I think the main point of the videos is that it gives confidence to those interested that this is not that difficult.... (read more)
  • Beautiful multi-roof 10kw install
    10kw kit 
      by Ed H… on 7/10/2013
    Ed communicated constantly with Anapode During the installation of the system so we have prepared this review: Ed... (read more)
  • Very pleased with smooth install
    4kw & Envoy 
      by Patrick C… on 7/10/2013
    First off I have to say how pleased I am with the system. I purchased a 4000 watt system with an enphase enlighten ga... (read more)